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Birthstone : 

The birthstones associated with each month of the calendar, including the pearl, are gems of particular significance to each person.

Since ancient times, a special connection has been established between a person's month of birth and a precious stone known as a "birthstone" or "birthstone gem". The tradition of wearing the stone corresponding to the month of one's birth spread throughout Europe from the Renaissance onwards.

In lithotherapy, each birthstone has a unique meaning and confers protection on its wearer. According to various ancestral beliefs and popular traditions, these stones are reputed to bring luck, love, health and other benefits.

These days, people often choose to wear or give a creation adorned with a birthstone, whether for a birth, a christening, a birthday or any other occasion. This choice has a strong symbolic significance because of the virtues attributed to each stone.

Here is a presentation of the 12 birthstones per month on our jewellery so that you can find yours or that of your loved ones!


January : 


A semi-precious stone, garnet is renowned for its bright red colour. Garnet is associated with the month of January. It is said to have the virtues of protection, energy, joy and strength.

Create your jewel with Nayestones, who will select the most beautiful garnet for you. If you have family jewellery that you no longer wear, this gold can be used to create this new piece of jewellery.

February :

Amethyst belongs to the violet quartz family, its hue attributed to the presence of iron. This semi-precious stone is associated with the month of February and is renowned for its positive, optimistic, creative and calming qualities.


Mars :

Derived from the Latin word "Aqua Marina", meaning "Sea Water", aquamarine is a fine stone renowned for its translucent light blue hue. Representing the month of March, it is attributed with properties such as calming, courage, sociability and awakening.


Avril :

The Diamond
The first gem to appear in the stone calendar, the diamond, timeless and eternal, is associated with the month of April! It is attributed with virtues such as strength, purification, harmony and love.


May : 

The Emerald
Emerald, a gem famous for its "gardens", is the second precious stone dedicated to the month of May. It is said to have virtues such as strength, relaxation, concentration and harmony.

June :

Pearl & Moonstone Gemstone 

The inaugural gem is the pearl, representing perfect beauty and purity. This gem is said to have virtues such as soothing, well-being, sincerity and fertility.



The second gem Symbolising celestial gentleness and femininity, this stone is often linked to presumed virtues such as emotional harmony, spiritual protection, stimulation of creativity and fertility symbolism. Like the moonlight that plays through its shimmering reflections, moonstone represents magic and intuition.



Ruby : 
The ruby, classified as the third precious stone, is associated with the birth of July. It is a member of the corundum family and derives its colour from the presence of chromium in its composition. It is believed to bring joy, energy, creativity and success.

Create your jewel with Nayestones, which will select the most beautiful natural, unheated ruby for you. If you have family jewellery that you no longer wear, this gold can be used to create this new piece of jewellery.

August :

Peridot, a member of the olivine family, is a fine, translucent stone with acid-green hues. Assigned to the month of August, this gem is believed to have a number of virtues, including promoting inner peace, serenity, good luck and happiness.


September :

Pink sapphire
The fourth and final gemstone, sapphire, belongs to the corundum family and comes in a variety of colours, with the exception of red. In addition to its properties, this gem has various virtues, including purification, health, imagination and communication. It can also be found in several shades, such as pink sapphire.


October : 

Opal & Tourmaline
For the month of October, two gems stand out: The first is opal. This fine stone from the silica family captivates with its changing colour reflections. It is said to have virtues such as protection, strength, dynamism and reflection.

The second option is tourmaline. This fine stone, whose name means "stone of mixed colours" in Sinhalese, offers a vast palette of colours and many shades. It is said to have virtues such as protection, self-confidence, harmony and strength.

November :

Citrine, a fine gemstone with hues ranging from pale yellow to orange, owes its colour to the presence of iron oxide in its composition. Its name derives from the Latin "citrus", meaning "lemon". Citrine is associated with a variety of qualities, including prosperity, abundance, self-esteem and energising properties.


December :

Blue Topaz
Belonging to the silicate family, blue topaz is a fine stone with an azure hue ranging from transparent to translucent. It is said to have qualities such as concentration, communication, serenity and inner peace.


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