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Power of stones

History of the gemstone :

Around 7,000 BC, lapis lazuli was one of the first precious stones to be prized in Mesopotamia, originating in Pakistan. Later, amethyst and beryl also became coveted gems because of their rarity, brilliance and strength. These precious stones continue to be valued in the 21st century. Around 3000-2000 BC, the Sumerian civilisation developed a passion for precious stones, discovering objects made of lapis lazuli, carnelian and agate.

Lithotherapy :

Gemstones used in lithotherapy have energetic properties that can reduce stress and anxiety and improve emotional well-being. This practice supports meditation and emotional balance, and promotes greater harmony between body and mind, although it is not recognised in conventional medicine. It is based on personal beliefs and the experience of many people. In Nayestones' ethical gold jewellery, you'll find many stones that convey useful lithotherapy truths.


The power of stones through the creation of Nayestones

Amethyst is used to combat headaches, anxiety and insomnia. It is a stone of wisdom, much used for meditation. It is also associated with success in business.

Emerald: the stone of peace

This precious stone is associated with peace and divination. It promotes affection and memory, and its soothing properties help to reduce anxiety.

Lapis lazuli, a blue stone, is used in lithotherapy to treat depression, stimulate creativity, soothe sore throats, improve blood circulation, treat skin problems and relieve headaches, and is associated with the fifth, blue-coloured throat chakra.


Pink tourmaline: the stone of protection

The virtues of this stone are purifying and protective. It acts as an effective energy shield, capable of repelling negative influences and promoting a balanced environment.


Topaz: the stone of mental clarity

Topaz is often associated with mental clarity, stress reduction, boosting self-esteem, helping to develop a more positive attitude towards oneself and stimulating creativity in throat chakra lithotherapy.

Citrine: the prosperity stone

This variety of yellow quartz is associated with prosperity and success. It has many positive properties: good sleep, joie de vivre, self-confidence, etc. It helps to combat skin diseases, infections and fatigue.

Moon stone: the stone of inner balance

Moonstone is highly prized for its emotional energy, which is thought to help bring happiness in love. This stone with its translucent reflections is also used to develop inner balance, harmony and tolerance. It can be used to combat obesity.


Aqua marine: the stone of emotional balance

Aquamarine is associated with soothing and calming properties, and is sometimes used in lithotherapy to promote communication, self-expression and emotional balance.


In conclusion  :

Many people appreciate lithotherapy as a complementary approach to traditional medicine, as it can contribute to well-being and relaxation while encouraging them to listen to their own body and heart. This practice focuses primarily on prevention. If you are interested, we invite you to discover the ethical jewellery of the Belgian brand Nayestones, made in Antwerp from precious and semi-precious stones, in their showroom near Brussels.


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