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Nayestones was founded by Natalie Schayes. The name Nayestones is a combination of first and last name and the word stones, essential in her work.

As a contemporary jewellery designer, Natalie develops collections and defines the brand’s vision and image. Her aesthetic is influenced by minimalism thanks to the use of fluid lines, curves and circles.

Her understanding of the body leads her to place the jewellery against the contours of it in order to create well-balanced pieces that meet all women's aspirations, from those who advocate audacity to those who prefer sensuality. 

Her ambition is to create timeless and unexpected jewellery with a mix of pure lines and stones to elevate the soul

This eminently wearable jewellery with its sensual minimalism gently rolls against the tide of convention are set to convey an emotion.


Pure shapes elevated by stones




Nayestones pares her creations down to leave only the essential, charged with meaning and symbolism. In all simplicity, far removed from ostentation.

Natalie Schayes offers a luxury that is intimate and spiritual, a luxury for oneself. With 18-carat gold, stones and diamonds, the designer reinvents the precious jewel by evoking its purity.


Made In Antwerp




Nayestones’ creations are handmade by her team of goldsmiths and artisans she works very closely with in Antwerp.

Antwerp is a city in the Flemish region in Belgium. The city has been a focus of the diamond trade since 15th century. Antwerp is not just a business story, it is a tale of precious craftsmanship, technology, traditions and creativity.  

Natalie Schayes chose Antwerp to provide the best quality products. Her workshop meets the rigorous quality requirements in terms of sustainability, ethics, safety, transparency and service.


Inspired by the shapes of the world


Nayestones’ creations come from an intuitive point of individual spirituality. Natalie Schayes is influenced by architectural motifs throughout the world.
Lines, colors, lights, materials and geometries transport her soul.
Constantly searching for unique touchpoints for her imagination, Natalie turns these shapes into her recognizable jewellery pieces.