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Find Your Stone Match

Which gemstone best represents you?


We will gladly create a custom versions of our current designs with the stone of your choice.
Book an appointment with us or contact us via chat or email: to discuss your custom project.


Stone Name Meaning Birth Stone Find Jewellery
Symbol of fidelity, happiness, love, purity and youth.
March Find Aquamarine Jewellery
Black Onyx Symbol of strength, stability and self-confidence. Find Black Onyx Jewellery
Blue Topaz Symbol of inspiration, clarity of mind and honesty. December Find Blue Topaz Jewellery
Citrine Symbol of success and abundance. November Find Citrine Jewellery
Diamond Symbol of eternal love, honesty and commitment. April Find Diamond Jewellery
Emerald Symbol of rebirth, fertility, love and wisdom. May Find Emerald Jewellery
Green Amethyst
Symbol of generosity, good humor and heart.
Find Green Amethyst Jewellery
Green Onyx Symbol of calm, purity and rest. May Find Green Onyx Jewellery
Green Tourmaline
Symbol of righteousness, rectitude and love.
October Find Green Tourmaline Jewellery
Labradorite Symbol of renewal and protection. Find Labradorite Jewellery
Symbol of self-confidence, power and strength.
September Find Lapis Jewellery
Symbol of protection, new life, nature and energy.
 May Find Malachite Jewellery
Moonstone  Symbol of femininity and passion. June Find Moonstone Jewellery
Pearl Symbol of perfect and pure beauty, innocence, humility and gratitude. June Find Pearl Jewellery
Peridot Symbol of brotherhood, joy, luck, glory and power. August Find Peridot Jewellery
Pink Sapphires
Symbol of beauty, wisdom, purity and love.
September Find Sapphires Jewellery
Pink Tourmaline Symbol of self-love and emotional restoration. October Find Pink Tourmaline Jewellery
Purple/pink Amethyst Symbol of wisdom, serenity and peace. February Find Amethyst Jewellery
Rhodochrosite Symbol of loyalty, true love, sacrifice and forgiveness. Find Rhodochrosite Jewellery
Rhodolite Symbol of protection, benevolence and health.  January Find Rhodolite Jewellery
Sapphires  Symbol of purity, justice, fidelity. September Find Sapphires Jewellery
Tanzanite  Symbol of personal accomplishment and spirituality.
December Find Tanzanite Jewellery
White Topaz  Symbol of health, prudence, wisdom.
April Find Topaz Jewellery


We will gladly create custom versions of our current designs with the stone of your choice.

Book an appointment with us or contact us via chat or email: to discuss your custom project.


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