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About Nayestones

Nayestones was founded by Natalie Schayes. The name Nayestones is a combination of her first and last name and the word stones, essential in her work. As a contemporary jewellery designer, Natalie develops collections and defines the brand’s vision and image.

Her understanding of the body leads her to place the jewellery against the contours of it in order to create well-balanced pieces that meet all women's aspirations. Her ambition is to create timeless and unexpected jewellery with a mix of pure lines and stones to elevate the soul.

With her contemporary designs, Natalie Schayes plays with the codes of the classic pearl in order to make it new and desirable again. The designer makes the pearl float on gold lines and keeps it edgy as well as romantic. Without being old-fashioned, Nayestones offers a modern pearl.

Pure shapes elevated by stones

Nayestones aesthetic is influenced by minimalism thanks to the use of fluid lines, curves and circles. With 9-carat and 18-carat gold, stones and diamonds, the designer reinvents the precious jewel leaving only the essential. 

The stones are placed where you wouldn't expect them to be, giving the illusion of a stone that levitates. Natalie Schayes selects her precious and semi-precious stones in an intuitive way. She particularly loves pear shapes and octogone shaped stones. She redefines classic gem-setting by using an invisible setting and offers a new aestheticism: that of asymmetry. 

Made in Antwerp

Nayestones’ creations are handmade by her team of goldsmiths and artisans she works very closely with in Antwerp. 

Natalie Schayes chose Antwerp to provide the best quality products. The city, combining precious craftsmanship, technology, traditions and creativity has been a focus of the diamond trade since 15th century. Her workshop meets the rigorous quality requirements in terms of sustainability, ethics, safety, transparency and service. 

Each piece is specially made for the customer on-demand, hence it offers a large panel of personalisation from the selection of your own stone to the color of the gold and adding your wishes. 

Inspired by the shapes of the world

Nayestones’ creations come from an intuitive source.

Constantly searching for unique touchpoints for her imagination, Natalie turns these shapes into her recognizable jewellery pieces.

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