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The forgotten jewels of your drawers, it's time to bring them out!

Nayestones also offers now to Recycle and Refresh your unworn family jewellery.

Make a new unique, long-lasting piece of jewellery from unworn gold jewellery and stones. They can be used to make new jewellery to your taste. A piece of recycled gold jewellery is a revived piece of jewellery at a lower price, with a discount applied to the chosen model. We are aiming to push forward to more sustainable practices and solutions. One of our most important goal over time is to produce all our jewellery with recycled gold.

Custom your Jewellery

REFRESH your jewellery

Want to recycle your jewellery ? Book an appointment with us in our Showroom in Overijse, near Brussels to bring a piece to life with your forgotten jewellery !

Our Values

Made In Antwerp

Nayestones's designs are made in Antwerp, by a team of experienced goldsmiths and artisans.  

Recycled Materials

Nayestones creations are made from 100% recycled 18K gold. The jewellery is set largely with recycled and recut diamonds to give them a brand new shine.

Unique Design

The designer redefines classic gem-setting by using an invisible setting and offers a new aestheticism.

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