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All Jewellery

Our contemporary and minimalist jewelry in gold and stones

Sensual, sophisticated and pure forms is what Nayestones' jewelry is all about.

Each piece of our jewellery is unique and has a story that is waiting for you. The designs are sometimes daring but always minimalist, timeless and contemporary.

Our jewels are handcrafted in our workshop in Antwerp, Belgium. Made in 9ct or 18ct gold these iconic and timeless pieces highlighted with precious stones are made to cherish and last a lifetime. 

Double ring 9K gold Topaz - Signature double ring topaz - Nayestones

Best Sellers

Crush for this ultra-desirable jewelry pieces

From all Nayestones creations, these jewelry designs best represent the aspirations of our clients: minimalist, unexpected and timeless.

The understanding of the body leads the designer to place the jewellery against the contours of it in order to create well-balanced pieces that meet all women's aspirations. 

Bracelets in Gold with Stones - Nayestones


Minimalist and elegant bracelets

As a special gift or for your own pleasure, sublimate your wrist with Nayestones’ fine jewellery creations set with precious stones.

Create a unique look matching your bracelet with the earrings or the ring of the same collection. 

Made in Antwerp, Belgium in 9ct or 18ct gold these iconic and timeless pieces highlighted with precious stones are made to cherish and last a lifetime. 


Bridal jewelry - engagement and wedding ring - Nayestones

Bridal Jewellery

A selection of unique and non-conventional bridal jewellery

Bridal jewellery in 18ct or 9ct gold to celebrate your wedding. Discover our engagement or wedding rings to wear on your wedding day and the rest of your life.

Nayestones also crafts unique engagement or wedding rings, customized to suit your wishes. We will create the perfect ring to complement your personal style. Our existing models can also be made with other stones. Please contact us for your special project.  


Earrings in gold with stones - Nayestones


Contemporary and asymmetric earrings

At Nayestones, an earring has the power to accentuate your look, whether it is minimalistic, sensual or elegant

Find the shape, the size and the stone that will illuminate your face and empower yourself. 

Be bold and wear your earrings asymmetrically, buying piece by piece. 

Made in Antwerp, Belgium in 9ct or 18ct gold these iconic pieces are made to cherish and last a lifetime. 


Gifts from 300€ to 500€

Gifts from 300€ to 500€



We want our presents to be unique for that special someone, in this category you will find some unforgettable gifts.

Made in Antwerp, Belgium, these iconic and timeless pieces highlighted with precious stones are made to cherish and last a lifetime.


Gifts over 500€

Gifts over 500€



Jewelry is the final touch to an outfit and these signature pieces are made to be a statement while designed to last a lifetime.

In this category, wether your special someone love precious stones or pearls, you will find a piece of fine jewelry that they are sure to fall in love with. 

Made in Antwerp, Belgium, these iconic and timeless pieces highlighted with precious stones are made to cherish and last a lifetime



Gifts under 100€

Gifts under 100€



Sticking to a budget doesn't mean you're stuck with gift cards. Find here refined jewelry piece that will make someone’s day.

Gold-plated jewelry shines just as much as gold and they will still make an impressive bold statement.

Made in Antwerp, Belgium, these iconic and timeless pieces highlighted are made to cherish and last a lifetime.



Gifts under 300€

Gifts under 300€



Finding a meaning full gift is sometimes complicated. Everyone is unique and likes different type of jewelry.

However, in this category, you will find everything you need. From Personalized Octogone Rings to Mono Earrings, you can choose between a variety of gemstones and metal.

Made in Antwerp, Belgium, these iconic and timeless pieces highlighted with precious stones are made to cherish and last a lifetime.

Double ring 18K gold pearl - Double ring Julia pearl - Nayestones

Gold Plate

Your favorite jewelry piece in gold-plated

Yellow gold plate, named Vermeil, is a precious metal made of 925 silver covered with a fine layer of gold. This precious metal does not oxidize.

The designer decides to offer the Nayestones design at affordable price by using plated gold. 


In Stock

All of our jewelry are handmade in Antwerp and it takes about two to three weeks to be made. Fortunately, a small selection of our jewelry pieces are available immediately. Just check the shipping details of the product you had like to order for more information.

silver earrings - Creoles Moon Silver Plated Medium - Nayestone

Last Chance

Exclusive selection of soft-price jewelry

Enjoy the last pieces of Fashion and Fine Jewellery we have in stock.

Through Amethyst, Emerald or Topaz, rediscover the classic gem-setting. Natalie Schayes offers a new aestheticism, that of asymmetry.

Necklaces in gold with stones - Nayestones


Refined necklaces set with precious stones

Elegance and sophistication are what Nayestones’ necklace are. 

Sublimate your neck with a unique piece that will become one with your body. 

Made in Antwerp, Belgium in 9ct or 18ct gold these iconic and timeless pieces highlighted with precious stones are made to cherish and last a lifetime. 


New In

New In

Latest creations to meet your aspirations 

Beyond the new collections, Natalie Schayes is constantly creating. Inspired by architectural motifs throughout the world, she turns these shapes into her recognisable jewelry pieces.

With 9-carat and 18-carat gold, stones and diamonds, the designer reinvents the precious jewel.

Her ambition is to create minimalist and contemporary jewels that meet all women's aspirations.

stud earring white topaz gold - personalized stud earring - Nayestones

Personalized Jewelry

Customise our jewels to suit your wishes

Each piece is specially made for the customer on-demand, hence it offers a large panel of personalisation from the selection of your own stone to the color of the gold and adding your wishes.

You can customise those products online but do not hesitate to contact us to personalise any of our products. We will craft your special project to life.



Modern and minimalist rings

Do you prefer diamonds, stones or pearls? Nayestones has them all!  

Whether you are looking for a jewel for yourself or an engagement ring to celebrate your love, this iconic and timeless jewellery will make you feel unique.

All the stones that sublimate our rings are natural and selected with great care. Our pieces are handmade in Antwerp, Belgium. 

Double ring 9K gold pink sapphires - Signature double ring pink sapphires - Nayestones

The double ring

A ring for two fingers at the same time

Nayestones reinvents the single ring codes and designs double rings.

Modern and ultra-desirable, they are dressed with Topaz, Sapphires or Pearls. The double ring is an ode to feminity and singularity. 

Stretched into an oval or infinity symbol, wearing the double ring offers a new experience for women.

Earring 9K gold with green amethyst - Arch bloom earring - Nayestones

The floating stone

Contemporary jewelry where the stones are floating

The designer, Natalie Schayes, creates jewels where the stones are levitated.

By giving her creations an almost invisible setting, she make precious stones and pearls climb in weightlessness. 
She devotes herself to bring her jewels purity and lightness to offer a minimalist and airy aestheticism.

Double ring 18K gold pearl - Double ring Julia pearl - Nayestones

The modern pearl

Nayestones reinvents pearls with modernity and sensuality

Natalie Schayes' creations manipulate the codes of the classic pearl to make it desirable. 

The pearl floats on gold lines and keeps its edgy as well as romantic. Set with diamonds, some creations offer a surplus of preciousness.

Earring 9K gold topaz - Signature Earring with topaz - Nayestones

The mono earring

Nayestones' earrings are now worn alone

Natalie Schayes draws singular earrings allowing her the audacity of asymmetry. With her sense of proportion, she gives rise to new uses. One earring becomes self-sufficient

With many shapes, sizes and stones, the mono earring brings a daring allure, synonymous with a strong identity. 

Unique and chic, the earring starts by dressing the ear to finally dress the wearer. 



Ring 9K gold white topaz - Octogone ring white topaz - Nayestones

The off-center stone

The sublimation of the stone in its asymmetry 

Through Amethyst, Emerald or Topaz, Natalie Schayes redefines the classic setting and offers a new aestheticism: that of asymmetry.

A true ode to precious stones, this collection illuminates the one who wears it. 

The stones are placed where you wouldn't expect them to be, giving the illusion of a stone that levitates between your fingers or on your wrist.