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If you are thinking of transforming an old piece of jewellery that belongs to your family or giving a second life to old gold and diamonds/stones to make a new piece of jewellery. Or perhaps you want to design a unique piece of jewellery that reflects your style and personality. Discover here our latest creations and our approach that will inspire you to create your own unique piece.

Pearl necklace

To complete her bridal gown, a customer asked us to design a made-to-measure pearl necklace inspired by our 'Chemin de Vie' collection. The necklace was especially designed to enhance the bride's open back and complement her dress, creating a remarkable harmony.

To complete this creation, she also opted for the curved earring from our Signature collection, featuring a suspended pearl.

As her engagemenr ring, the customer chose a diamond ring from our Petite Comète collection. For the men's wedding ring, we created a made-to-measure ring to complement the wave of the engagement ring.

Rings to say I DO

Our 'Petite Comète ring has been especially adapted by request for a male version. It is designed with increased thickness and a brushed finish, symbolising the solid and unforgettable union of the happy couple about to exchange their vows.

A priceless ring

The pear ring from our 'Double C' collection was carefully selected by our customer to receive a special personalisation. For this unique creation, the customer generously entrusted us with her grandmother's round stone, which we incorporated into the ring. This fusion creates a sparkling constellation on our customer's finger, creating an everlasting memory.

Harmonious Unity

The client chose the "Petite Comète" ring, which she customized by choosing a magnificent pear emerald accompanied by elegant diamonds, creating a special radiance upon this jewel. The distinctive feature of these rings lies in their ability to interlock with each other, thereby creating a singular, unified piece.

Celestial creation

For this necklace, we designed a constellation by combining a moonstone with a crescent moon.

Then, for the ring, we refined this first piece by adding sparkling diamonds.

It's a representation of the splendour of the stars, faithfully recreated by Nayestones.

The Octagonal Brazilian Radiance

This exquisite pair of earrings has been custom-designed with attention to every detail. The client entrusted her precious gemstones, brought back from a trip to Brazil by a loved one. This piece of jewelry embodies multiple facets, reflecting a unique identity.

Double Octogone rings

These rings are unique creations from our Signature collection. They are made of yellow gold and set with two off-centre stones that fit perfectly between the fingers. With this model, we have incorporate stones requested by our customers, such as Aqua Tourmaline, Peridot, White Topaz, Rhodolite and Amethyst. These piece showcase a duo of stones that we love so much in our jewellery. Contact us for your own stone and colour personalisation.

Flower jewellery

A customer has shown keen interest in the Lina necklace from our Petite Comète collection. In response to her customization request, we have created a personalized piece of jewelry by using three jades of various shades, meticulously arranged to form a delicate floral composition.