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Original Design

Nayestones creates original jewelry designs in ethical gold and shapes that you will find nowhere else. The designer redefines classic gem-setting by using an invisible setting and offers a new aestheticism: that of pure design.

The stones are sublimated by asymmetry and placed where you wouldn't expect it to be, giving the illusion to be on levitation on the body. This illusion of imbalance gives the right proportions to the jewel.

Local and high quality craftmanship in Antwerp

All Nayestones jewellery are first designed in the studio near Brussels and then created in the designer's workshop in Antwerp, by high quality goldsmiths and stone-setters. This is therefor à 100% locally made piece of luxury that you will purchase.

High quality and sustainable materials

Nayestones is valuing sustainability and reducing its impact on the environment by using 14K and 18K repurposed gold.

The selected stones are natural gemstones and natural diamonds. To limit the demand for mining, Nayestones has also started working with Lab-grown diamonds made with renewable energies. These man made diamonds have the same chemical properties as natural diamonds and shine like them also. There is no difference in quality between a natural diamond or a Lab-grown one. The difference is in it's rarity and therefor in price.

Personal advisor before sale

We will help you choose the perfect gift within your budget and make sure it is delivered before the special occasion. If you wish, we can write a personnalized and handwritten note on a card with the message of your choice. For all this you can either begin a live chat, send a Whatsapp or an email.

We will be delighted to welcome you to our showroom south of Brussels to give you the best advice about our jewelry.

If you don't live in Belgium or cannot come to the showroom physically, you can book a virtual meeting or we can send you videos of our jewellery or stones so you can see how they move and shine.

Get in touch

Available 24/7 to help you.

Careful packaging

Each order is carefully wrapped by our team.


All jewellery will be sold with a certificate of authenticity.