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The forgotten jewels of your drawers, it's time to bring them out!

Nayestones also offers now to Recycle and Refresh your unworn family jewellery.

RECYCLE your jewellery

Make a new unique, long-lasting piece of jewellery from unworn gold jewellery and stones. They can be used to make new jewellery to your taste.

A piece of recycled gold jewellery is a revived piece of jewellery at a lower price, with a discount applied to the chosen model.  

We are aiming to push forward to more sustainable practices and solutions. One of our most important goal over time is to produce all our jewellery with recycled gold.    


REFRESH your jewellery

Nayestones offers you to revive or replate your jewellery by our team of master craftsmen with precious know-how to make them shine again 

Everyday Luxury

We want to make everyday luxury more sustainable, with high quality and recycled materials, handmade jewellery and minimalist, contemporary designs.