Gift Card - Nayestones jewelry
Gift Card - Nayestones jewelry
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  • €300.00 EUR
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  • €700.00 EUR
  • €900.00 EUR

A 5 year guarantee is included with all Nayestones orders. Resizing, repair, and restoration are all covered under this warranty. 

 For further information, see our Warranty & Aftercare services.  

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Our Values

Made In Antwerp

Nayestones's designs are made in Antwerp, by a team of experienced goldsmiths and artisans.  

Recycled Materials

Nayestones creations are made from 100% recycled 18K gold. The jewellery is set largely with recycled and recut diamonds to give them a brand new shine.

Unique Design

The designer redefines classic gem-setting by using an invisible setting and offers a new aestheticism.

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Careful packaging
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Certificate of authenticity
All jewellery pieces sold on our website have a certificate of authenticity.