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Laboratory-Grown Diamonds: The Spark of a Revolution

 Laboratory-Grown Diamonds: The Spark of a Revolution
For centuries, diamonds have captivated our imagination with their brilliance, rarity and symbolism of luxury and eternal love. However, a revolution is currently shaking up the jewelry industry: it’s called laboratory-grown diamonds or Lab-grown diamonds

Laboratory-grown diamonds: what are they?

Lab-grown diamonds, also known as synthetic diamonds or cultured diamonds, are gems that are artificially produced in laboratory environments rather than in the depths of the Earth. This innovative technology has grown in popularity in recent years due to its economic, environmental and ethical benefits.

What makes a Lab-grown diamond different from a mined diamond?

Natural diamonds and laboratory-grown diamonds differ mainly in their origin, cost, environmental impact and quality. Natural diamonds are mined on land, while laboratory-grown diamonds are artificially produced. Natural diamonds are generally more expensive, require mining and have environmental impacts. The scarcity effect of the natural stone that is extracted from the earth also plays on its price.
Laboratory-grown diamonds are more affordable, as they can be produced ad infinitum and have less environmental impact. In terms of quality, laboratory-grown diamonds are of high quality, and have exactly the same chemical properties as natural diamonds. The 4 Cs - Clarity, Cut, Colour and Carat - also apply to synthetic diamonds. The choice between the two stones depends on the buyer's personal preferences.

A new era for the jewelry industry

Nayestones, the Belgian jewellery brand, stands out for its innovative use of this new gem in some jewellery collections. What sets the brand apart is its choice of laboratory-grown diamonds, which are produced using renewable energy. This responsible approach enables Nayestones to offer jewellery that is totally respectful of the environment and human beings, with exceptional quality at more affordable prices.