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The art of layering: Mixing and matching necklaces and rings

Become an expert in the art of stacking jewellery!

Stacking is the new trend that's taking fashion-conscious women by storm! Jewellery stacking" is a trend that consists of superimposing and accumulating several pieces of jewellery, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and so on. The aim is to dare to mix materials and styles by adding jewellery together in order to create a nice combination that is usually very personal. But how do you master the art of stacking to perfection? In this article, we'll explore this captivating art, which can be used to create unique looks and enhance your sense of style.




  1. Start with a Pièce Forte : To create an elegant stacking of necklaces, start by choosing one strong piece to act as a focal point. Avoid overloading by choosing a single strong piece for balanced stacking.                                    
  2. Vary the Lengths: A key secret to successful necklace layering is to play with lengths. Pair a choker with a shorter necklace and a long necklace for a balanced, dynamic look.
  3. Experiment with materials and colours: Be daring by mixing different materials such as gold and silver, as well as pearls. Play with textures and colours to create a unique style that suits you.
  4. Create different worlds: Explore layering by creating different worlds with your jewellery. For example, on one side, opt for feminine rings with floral motifs, while on the other, opt for chic, elegant rings.
  5. Maintain your balance : While layering necklaces can be extravagant, keep in mind that a subtle style can be more effective in avoiding visual overload. Sometimes less is more.



By combining necklaces of different lengths, textures and styles, you can transform an ordinary outfit into an elegant and captivating creation. A simple approach to start with would be to wear a choker, a short necklace, and finally a very long sautoir-style necklace.

Feel free to experiment with different materials and colours, but be careful not to overdo it. Dare to experiment, play with colours and shapes, and give free rein to your creativity to create outfits that suit you.

Discover our new favourite necklace combinations from the Atlante collection with a choker and a sautoir necklace.



Ring layering is the art of creating your own story through your hands. By delicately stacking thin rings and mixing different styles, you can personalise your look to suit your mood. Dare to be creative and let your hands tell a unique story at every moment.

Opt for fine rings like the Full moon ring diamond   by staying in the same tones and colours, for example; gold rings, silver rings... You can place them at the level of the phalanges to alternate and for more originality.

The stacking of rings can be associated with the accumulation of bracelets, but be careful to remain visually harmonious how by associating with the Double C white topaz bracelet 

Discover below, the association of the diamond Atlante ring with the Emerald Altante ring, for an elegant and refined look.


In conclusion 

layering necklaces and rings is a creative trend that allows you to express your personal style in a unique way. The art of layering is all about creativity and self-confidence, so be bold and show the world your unique style with the different combinations. Come and discover in our showroom near Brussels sustainable jewelry from the Belgian brand nayestones, made in Antwerp with precious and semi-precious stones


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